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JLj Family Services

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement: JLj Family Services aspires to make a difference in the lives of individuals we serve, treat them like Family and help them progress in a loving and safe environment.

JLj Family Services Goals:

F – Family: Communication is important in a family. Being open and honest at all times with everyone who is involved with our clients.

A – Accountability: It is important for JLj Family Service Host Parents/Staff to understand the importance of being accountable for every action and decision you make, so it is more important to be focused at all times.

M – Manner: Work Ethics is an important part of the job. It is important to conduct ourselves in a manner that is reliable, honest, fair (without prejudice), work smart, loving, and have integrity always.

I – Individual: We need to understand our clients and their needs and our responsibility to them. By understanding these things we can give them the best quality support they need and help them to achieve their goals.

L – Love & Respect: All Clients will be treated with Love and Respect, they will be respected and accepted for their own uniqueness and who they are as an individual. Their rights will be respected.

Y – Why?

1. We want to give an opportunity to families that have the desire to host individuals in their homes. We want to train families and make sure they are giving their best to these individuals. We want our families to be a hero to somebody in need of support, care, and a loving home.

2. We want to ensure that our clients are placed in a clean and safe home within a loving family environment. An environment where they feel accepted and supported, loved, and feel they can progress and reach their goals and greatest potential.


Moving In
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